LeBron Reports For Jury Duty

The Jim Rome Show

Calling out to all of you who whine that athletes get special treatment and have no idea what it’s like to live in the real world.  Four words for ya: Lebron…James…Jury…Duty.

He instagram’ed pics with the caption, “Jury Duty time.  Time to serve my civic duty.”

Most of us treat jury duty like a summons.  Or an eviction notice. Dude looked like he was starting his first day of kindergarten.  He definitely has the right attitude.

However, when he showed up, he was told he wasn’t needed.  Right.  Because the last thing they needed was a 6-8, international superstar, multimillionaire, sitting around the waiting room watching the Price Is Right and hitting the vending machines.

But credit to Bron for not trying to work every trick imaginable to slip Jury Duty: he didn’t resort to saying he can tell people are guilty just by looking at them…or lie about his…

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