Migos – Versace (SINGLE REVIEW)




Migos is an American rapper known for his iconic mixtape Young Rich N*ggas.


I hated the mixtape and this special one song for one reason. It’s annoying, stupid and cliché! How many times have you heard rappers brag about how much money they have? Well, this guy takes it to the next level! Now, I don’t mind people like Meek Mill or Lil Wayne who do this kind of music, but, usually these guys will have an interesting wordplay on it. However, Migos feels that he needs to say Versace 13 times in the hook. In fact, Versace is the only word says in the whole hook. That is truly awful. The instrumental is also dull, it is just a few notes played in a loop for the entire duration of the song. I don’t know why this song is popular. Really, it boggles my mind that Migos…

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