sorry for the wait – time for a catch up

siqq music

I’ve been away so here’s a quick roundup of the highest powered hip hop that’s dropped during that time:

Drake released new heat with ‘All Me’ featuring 2 Chainz and Big Sean. There’s thumping bass, clapping drums and a lot of tapping on the back with Drake spitting “God damn, should I listen to everybody or myself?
Cause myself just told myself “You’re the motherfucking man, you don’t need no help”” The hook is fire too but you already knew that:

Drizzy has said he wants his other new track to be played at weddings. Heartbreak Drake returns for this smooth serenade. ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’ features Majid Jordan:

A couple cool new videos also recently surfaced. Trailers are definitely a ‘thing’ now in Hip Hop. First up is the teaser for Just Blaze and Baauer’s ‘Higher’featuring the artist formerly known as Jay-Z.  JAY Z is rumoured to…

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