Russell Simmons Sell Us Out With ‘Harriet Tubman Sex Tape’!

95.5 The Lou

UPDATE: Russell Simmons took down the tape from his website, but news one has a copy of it that you can watch below. He also issued an apology. “Do you buy Simmons’s apology? Take our poll at the bottom of our story to answer!


The ancestors, from those who perished during the Trans-Atlantic Slave voyage to the souls who were raped and murdered on American soil, are turning over in their graves in utter disgust at the reality that a venture backed by a Black man would disrespect their sacred history by parodying it with a sex tape of their struggles.

On the very first day Russell Simmon‘s “All Def Digital” YouTube page was born, it managed to desecrate Harriet Tubman – one of the greatest Americans our country has even known.

All Def Digital published a video titled the “Harriet Tubman Sex…

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