GET THE LOOK: Karrueche Tran Gets Ferocious In Married To The MOB (PHOTOS)

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karrueche, married to the mob, rihanna, leopard

Las Vegas is buzzing with MAGIC Market Week in full swing, and KarmaLoop’s girl Karrueche Tran is out in full force lending her face, and her petite frame, to the festivities.

After spending the day at the trade show, Karrueche got in touch with her feline side in a sexy leopard printed crop top and matching leggings from Married to the MOB’s Holiday 2013 collection. That is one of the perks of trade shows, there is a whole lot of merchandise that the internet hasn’t even seen yet.

Naturally, Karrueche’s comment section under the photos was ablaze with Rihanna comparisons, as her followers pointed out the design looks a lot like the designs Rihanna has been bouncing around in from her latest River Island collection, which we are sure was pure coincidence, but Karrueche was having none of that talk. She responded to one of the commenters in the section with the below.

karrueche instagram comments rihanna

Well, that…

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