Keri Hilson & Her Girls Dress Up As TLC

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Last night, The TLC Biopic had everyone blasting CrazySexyCool through their speakers after the movie went off, while reminiscing on their favorite TLC memories. Being from ATL, were the group originated, singer Keri Hilson took things a step further and dressed up in her best T-Boz get up, while soliciting her friends WISH (singer) and Inga Nandi Willis to join her for a candid shoot. She posted two photos of herself, solo, dressed in a T-Boz inspired wig with the captions:

Oh, y’all thought I wasn’t gonna dig in the boxes for my @theRealTBoz wig?! #CrazySexyCool

Thank you #TLC for making this tomboy comfortable in her skin. @TheRealTBoz #20 #CrazySexyCool

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T-Boz also showed the girls some love by posting their photo while asking:

How gorg do they look?

Halloween is going to bring in so many versions of TLC this year, just wait for it.

Keri, you nailed it girl!

Peep the pics below:

Keri Hilson as T-Boz

Keri Hilson as T-Boz, Wish

Keri Hilson as T-Boz, Wish 1


[Exclusive Video] T-Boz Says…

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